Featured Friend Of Beech Tree Paper: Ansgar Leather Co.

In this edition, we have Svein, the owner, and maker of Ansgar Leather Co. We presented him with a series of questions and we wanted to share what we learned.

Ansgar Leather Co. Logo
1.) How did you get started?

I got started working with leather because I had no creative outlet and I wanted a hobby that would allow me to be creative and make something practical. Woodworking wasn't an option because I lived in an apartment, I had a friend who worked for a leather company and he offered me some scraps, so I dived in and haven't stopped. 

2.) What inspires you to keep at it?
I'm naturally a self-motivated person, when I do something I want to master it. This has kept me going, also using new leathers and making new designs is really exciting and makes it easy to keep pursuing the craft. I also really value items that are well made and don't need to constantly be replaced. 

3.) Have you always been handy or creative? 
Nope. I loved making models as a kid and I took an architecture class in high school that I loved. Outside of that I was not a very creative person. I still struggle to call myself creative.

4.) Where did you learn your craft or set of skills?
I learned the basics on youtube....and by practicing and failing. I'm also a teacher and I believe in failure as the best way to learn. 
5.) Do you have a favorite piece or product and why?
My current favorite piece is The Ozark. It is a new design and it holds a 3.5" by 5.5" journal. It can also fit a pen and a lot of cards. I love making journals because they help people write down their own creative thoughts or designs. 
The Ozark Golf Score Book

6.) What are you working on currently?
I am currently working on making a new collection with some vegetable-tanned leather. I love pairing different leather and thread together. No two hides are alike so creating an item from a new type of leather is always exciting.

7.) What is your favorite tool or raw material to work with?
I recently started making with Wickett and Craig Harness leather and I LOVE IT. The colors are amazing and it feels so strong yet soft. 

8.) Do you have any new items you are releasing soon?
I just released The Ozark which is a journal/passport wallet and also a golf scorebook. My next release is going to be a zipper clutch! I'm excited about expanding a little!

9.) What are your social media links and or websites you would like linked to?
You can find me on Instagram and Facebook @ansgarleatherco or my website is www.ansgarleather.co

10.) Where can we find your (products) or (leather goods)
My products are available on my website www.ansgarleather.co

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